Shiny Gallery
Shiny is an R package that allows one to create interactive web applications.
Below are some examples of Shiny apps from my own research.

Early warning signals of financial meltdowns

Financial systems are complex and notoriously unpredictable, and often undergo catastrophic meltdowns (remember the 2008 housing bubble), affecting lives of millions of people worldwide. This has reinforced the need for predictive tools to foretell these financial events.

Inspired by early warning theory developed by ecologists to study catastrophic shifts in ecosystems, we developed an early warning signal toolbox that analyzes more than 50 stock indices worldwide.

I did this project as a part of my undergraduate thesis with Dr. Vishwesha Guttal. During the project, I became increasingly interested in catastrophe theory and its application to ecosystems, which eventually led me to pursue a Ph.D. in ecology. 

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